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Daniel Chinchilla’s Metixclass

Hosted by Ariana Grande’s iconic makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla, this exclusive MetixClass is comprised of 21 episodes and over 130 minutes of content.

Receive an once-in-a-lifetime Hollywood beauty education, learn the signature methods from the makeup artist behind Ariana’s globally-renowned makeup styles.

Daniel demonstrates his never-seen-before branded techniques including the ‘C Structure for Contour’, 'The Chinchilla Flick’, ‘The Blend Trend’, ‘The V Conceal’ & many more.

He provides personalised recommendations of how to adapt technique and product encompassing skin tones, face shapes and skin types.

“Now you can be a makeup artist at home” - Daniel Chinchilla

Take your make up skills to the next level in a few clicks!

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Full Metixclass

28 episodes
Over 110 minutes of content

- Full access to 3 iconic looks
- Joyce’s signature look
- Celeb red carpet glam
- Celeb glam look
Together in one complete MetixClass

- Joyce shares her hidden techniques for flawless:
- Skin, base, contour, highlight, smokey eye, brows,
winged liner, false lashes and everyday makeup

+ Bonus episode: Joyce's tell-all interview

- Everything you need to know about beauty
All in one online class

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The Celeb Glam Look

Limited Offer

12 Episodes
Over 28 minutes of content

- Joyce teaches you to recreate her go-to glam
- Learn how to cheat bigger lips
- Master her techniques for a manicured brow
- Reveal how you get a sun-kissed glow
- Perfect how you blend, bake and set
-Replicate a signature Elle cover look
+ Much more

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